A load of Faded Red Dutch Lap Siding

It's been seven years since we started reclaiming old barn wood and even now we still find new things. We recently picked up a load of faded red siding. Now we often get in loads of different color siding, the usual red, gray, white, brown, and even the occasional green or blue, but what was odd about this load was not the color of the wood but it's cut. Most Indiana barns will have one of three types of siding (some will have a mixture of the three) tounge and groove, shiplap, and but jointed boards, but this load had a tounge and groove dutch lap. Take a look at the pictures and you can see how they join to give the siding a unique look, almost like a log cabin. If you're interested in this lumber, we have a couple hundred square feet left of it, it's priced at $3.50 a square foot. 

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