Reclaimed Doors and Bench (Pictures)

This past spring, we had the privilege to work on these doors and the reclaimed bench seen in the pictures. We loved how this accent piece turned out and wanted to share these pictures of the reclaimed barn wood doors and bench. The doors were made from reclaimed barn siding from a barn that was originally around New Castle, Indiana. After washing the doors and cutting the pieces to the appropriate size a stain was added. The door was then constructed and hardware was installed. The bench was made almost entirely from reclaimed barn rafters by one of our talented carpenters over the course of a few days. The bench was not stained but did did have bora-care added to prevent insect and mold damage. If you have any interest in having something like this built for yourself be sure to contact us and set up a time for us to meet to talk about your idea and how we can make it happen!

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