Corn Crib Siding

It’s been awhile since we last posted, but during that time we’ve made several changes. Barn doors continue to be a growing part of our focus, and we have moved to a larger location to allow us to better store and sort lumber. Today though we are highlighting our large inventory of reclaimed corn crib siding.

For those who enjoy the history behind the lumber corn cribs where used when corn was still widely harvested on the cob and stored in a barn to feed to livestock. In your more complex barns the barn had a section devoted to storing the corn this was known as the corn crib. In some cases crib was another building and eventually corn cribs were shaped to look very similar to what our grain silos look like today, albeit on a much smaller scale.

With that being said corn crib siding typically comes in 1x4 slates although some farms used different sizes of lumber. Of course the question to be asked is what do you do with it? That’s a question we leave for you to answer, but we have seen several really neat projects made from reclaimed crib siding. We’ve seen coffee tables, picture frames, bookcases, and so much more. The corn crib siding is currently being sold for $0.75 a linear foot, if you’re interested in using any of this in your next project be sure to come out and look at our inventory.

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