Reclaimed Sliding Barn Doors and Cost

We’ve recently had a large and growing interest in reclaimed door for use as sliding interior doors. These doors work great for doorways that may not have the room for a typical hinged door or for areas where you just want to add a rustic touch to a room. There are many types of reclaimed doors some are more unique like slatted doors (corn crib doors), but by far the most popular is the z pattern door. The Z-pattern door is generally what people envision when they think of barn doors.

So how do you go about getting one of these doors? At Midwestern Barns when we first get a request for a barn door we first look to see if we have a door on site that work for you. If we do then we can set up a time for you to come and take a look to make sure this door will work for you. Often times doors aren’t the exact size you would like and we can make some adjustments to the door to make the door right size. If however we don’t have the right size of door or you aren’t sure about the door we do have, we can work with you to select lumber to have a door built. We can then either build the door for you or supply you with the lumber need to build the door. Finally we can provide you with the track you will need for most typical sized doors.

The final cost will depend on what door you go with and or how you want it built. If you choose to go with a door we have on hand our current price is $50 for smaller doors and $75 for larger doors. Tracks are either $65 for a covered track or $120 for an exposed wheel over track. If you would like to build a door it will typically be $3.5 a square foot for barn siding and a few additional dollars for the back reinforcing pieces. Altogether a good rule of thumb for building your door is $7 a square foot while to have one built by us will usually run $125 to $150 per door for construction (not including the cost of lumber). For an accurate quote be sure to contact us, we’re always happy to work with you to help you get the perfect door.

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