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Reclaimed Lumber

This is a general price list. Not all of our products are listed.

Siding     $3.5 a square foot

Large Siding (over a foot in width) $5 a square foot

Corn Crib Siding $0.75 a linear foot


floor joists (approximately 1”-2”x5”-8”x various lengths)  $3.5 a linear foot

Rough sawn Beams up to ten feet in length

  $10 per linear foot

Hand Hewn Beams  prices vary between pieces


Beams greater then ten feet in length *please contact us for information



Delivery -  for purchases that can fit in our truck we charge $0.8 a mile round trip. Larger orders that will only fit on a trailer are priced at $1.05 a mile round trip. If the shipment is going 50 mile outside of Sheridan we will provide a custom quote. 


Power Washing/trimming our lumber is sold like you will see in our pictures. If you would like us to power wash or do any trimming of the board please call us for a quote.



Contact Information


Phone:  (317)605-3433
Email:  midwesternbarns@gmail.com

Midwestern Barns preserving history one piece at a time.

The four categories below certainly don’t represent everything we have in inventory and we will expand on these as we get a chance. If you don’t see something that looks like it is what you’re looking for please contact us and we’ll see if we don’t have something that would work for you.



Barn Beams

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Our Reclaimed beams are beautiful supports that range from 6x6s to 11x11s in size and once in a blue moon something even larger. Generally we keep a healthy stack of 6 to 8 footers for various purposes such as mantels and other projects. We do keep a few longer ones and can locate even longer one as needed. These are both hand hewn and rough sawn beams the prices to the left are only for rough sawn, hand hewn beams are a little less standard as the look of each beam was determined over a century ago as a carpenter slowly worked it into the shape it is now, some are deeply cut while others were expertly cut into nearly perfect squares. Please feel free to email us with any questions on our beams that you may have.



Reclaimed Siding

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Siding is some of the most sought after pieces in a barn, it works well on walls and for various projects and crafts. We offer a wide variety of with different joints, colors and sizes. We love to help find the right siding for your project let us know if there is anything we can do to help.



Reclaimed Corn Crib

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Corn crib siding comes from the crib that used to store whole cob corn to feed livestock, now this siding has been aged and readied to be used in your house and projects. Crib siding tend to be about 4 inches in width and various in length. Additionally we have 1”x2” slats that are very similar to reclaimed barn crib siding . Crib siding is rough sawn and is extremely beautiful. These pieces are perfect for table tops and anything else you can dream up. If you have any additional questions or comments please feel free to contact us, we’d love to help you find the right crib siding for you.